OakWe had a dear friend in town last week from Atlanta and he wanted us to pick a restaurant so that we could all enjoy a memorable meal together. You know, really “break some serious bread” over rich conversation and not get rushed out after we were done. He wanted something 4-5 stars and he wanted to get a good steak.

No hesitation on our part… Oak Steakhouse.

Let me tell you, the folks at Oak did NOT disappoint.

5 1/2 hours, full bellies, and the worlds problems solved later, we were the last to leave. During our time there, we were treated with the utmost care.

We started with nice cocktails, the Butcher’s Plate with artisanal cheeses and melt-in-your-mouth pan seared sea scallops. Then moved on to wine and salads (for a little lighter fare). Next was dinner, and boy, was it a dinner. It consisted of a continuation of wine, unctuous filets, tender rack of lamb, lobster mac and cheese, truffled pomme frites, and grilled asparagus. All were out.of.this.world. 

We have since referred Oak 3 times… it was THAT good.

It’ll leave a dent in your pocketbook to be certain, but you know what they say about you get what you pay for. There are other comparable restaurants in Charleston where you can get a good steak, but the atmosphere here feels like you are in historic Charleston.

If you want to celebrate something special, this quiet, romantic place would be an exceptional choice.