If we didn’t have to be naked in the wild, or afraid, I’d probably consider signing us up for the hit TV show Naked and Afraid.

But, as much as we like to think of ourselves as “survivors”, having to boil animal feces infested water to drink, make our own lean-to shelter with only the materials the jungle provides, and tiptoe in between the snakes and scorpions as we go out to kill our dinner… I’m not sure that we’re cut out for the wild.

This is a problem because we love adventure. With certain comforts.

And this is where camping on Capers is a survivor wanna be’s dream.

It’s a 3 mile stretch of completely undeveloped land just 15 miles north of Charleston with primitive trails and wildlife that is only accessible by water.

With two other friends, one afternoon we put our 4 kayaks in a small tidal creek and loaded up as much as we could carry and still safely paddle – tents, hammocks, food, a set of clothes, drinks, and cooking supplies. After a 45 minute paddle, we arrived on the shores of the secluded Capers Island.









As we got settled in with camp all set up, we got more and more giddy with excitement that this was our home for the night. The only other people on the entire island were on the other side and not wanting to be found either. They wanted to be survivors as much as we did.

There is nothing like stoking a fire with good friends under a star-filled sky, hearing the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline to lull you to sleep, and then waking up with the sunrise in the morning and the smell of your friend making coffee over the campfire.

We napped in the hammock, we explored the beaches littered with driftwood art, and made hobo stew like the best of them. We felt like we died and went to survivors heaven. This place was breath-taking.









Camping on Capers is a true local adventure. If you go, make sure you call SC Dept. of Natural Resources at 843-953-9300 ahead of time to get a free permit.

If you’re up for the challenge, this is a trip you won’t soon forget.