Sometimes you hear live music and it’s nice to listen to but it’s more like background music. It’s just there. The musician is talented but they don’t capture your attention. They don’t really leave a lasting impression. They don’t draw you in.

IMG_5823Not so with Danny May.

This guy is the real deal. He loves making music. And it’s obvious with every note he strums. He makes even his guitar pick sing.

We met Danny in Trader Joe’s one day as we quickly popped in to pick up a few things. He was handing out samples, so of course we had to stop. We struck up a conversation with this friendly face and knew this kind sample-giver with an old soul was different.

The first thing we said to each other after we walked out of Trader Joe’s was “We have to go hear him play.”

Fast forward a few weeks later one Friday night when we decided to try out a new brewery in town that had just opened up. Imagine our surprise when the guy at the mic was none other than Danny May. He remembered us (because that’s the kind of guy he is), and that’s when our friendship began.  

Danny’s list of gigs is full around town. He’s hustlin’. One day he’ll make it out of this town into bigger music circles because he has a dream of using his music to change the world.

He describes himself as a “Soulful singer accompanied by acoustic rhythm guitar. Blessed and beyond lucky to do what I do.” This is Danny. Always happy. Always thankful. Always loving.

Thank you, Danny May, for sharing your passion and talents with Charleston. We are blessed and beyond lucky to have you here.

Check out Danny here and see where he’s playing next. See if you don’t leave smiling after this man’s music fills your heart.

IMG_5822  And, if you’re lucky… you’ll meet Maxine – one of Danny’s biggest fans.