Everybody loves a petting zoo.beecity1

One of Stacey’s most favorite animals is the ring-tailed lemur, so when dear friends of ours told us of a place just 45 minutes outside of Charleston that has these precious little velvet-pawed babies, we knew it needed to be on our short list of “must do” things. And we certainly weren’t disappointed. We laughed, we fed any and every thing that wanted food from us, and we were in awe that so many exotic animals were this close to home.

Bee City is a hands-on petting zoo just a stone’s throw from Edisto River, in the small town of Cottageville, SC, only three miles north of Givhans State Park on Hwy. 61.

This little zoo is absolutely one-of-a-kind. The owner, Scott, is incredibly knowledgable and kind. He has a pet monkey, Joey, who acts like a little kid and goes with Scott everywhere. It’s fun to observe their relationship. The staff seem like they enjoy their jobs and take good care of the animals. Many of these animals have been rescued, so have found a better home at Bee City.

As a visitor, you can buy Monkey-O’s for $1 and hand-feed them to the monkeys, ringtail lemurs, llamas (careful: these aggressive guys really will spit right in your face if you’re trying to feed them… and it stinks! It’s hilarious if it’s not you that’s getting spit on…), alpacas, deer, goats, and sheep. Native snakes, turtles, frogs, fish, and baby alligators call this place home. You can get up close and personal with wallabies, coatimundis, serval cats, cavies and farm animals such as miniature horses and donkeys, turkeys, chickens (the furry footed ones!), quail, pheasants. And you can hold multiple birds in the aviary and let them eat right out of your hand. It is awesome! The crazy thing is you can do all this for only $7. They also have a bee hive (they’re well-known for their honey) of 1.2 million resident bees.

It’s a perfect place to take a date, or your kids, or the grandparents. The magic of this experience is that everyone, upon entering, becomes a kid again.

When you find yourself looking for something to do for an afternoon day trip this is sure to put a big smile on your face.

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