Sure, there are a few good sushi restaurants in downtown Charleston, but tucked away in Mt Pleasant…  off the main road.. in a strip mall… in a dive bar…

is some of the best sushi we’ve ever put in our mouths. Everything about this place screams local. The people, the ambiance, the outdoor bar. Even it’s name – Locals.

Monday nights are ½ off any sushi on the menu. It’s a crazy deal, but you have to get there early, and I mean 4:30pm early, to beat the crowds. By 6pm, it’s standing room only. The menu on Monday night is a limited menu, but there’s no limit on the tastiness of the sushi served.

On Thursday nights, they offer a BOGO ½ off special.

This is the night we go. (A little) less crowded, and they have their full menu available. Hands down our favorite item off the menu is the Spicy Tuna Bites. These are melt in your mouth pieces of pure goodness. We typically get two orders of them because one, well, just isn’t enough.locals1

But, the servers get busy so don’t expect to strike up a chatty conversation with them. On Mondays and Thursdays they are juking and jiving all the customers who are standing in their way, so are a little too focused to become your buddy. But it’s ok, because the sushi picks right up where they leave off.

Happy Hour is everyday from 4-7, so if you go during that time you can walk out of there having eaten and drank to your hearts content, and not feeling like you broke the bank.

A tip – it’s actually cheaper to go with another couple on Thursday nights because you can split 6 rolls. And if you go, look for us!  We may just buy you a drink.

One final question – What did Sushi A say to Sushi B?  Wasabi!?!