FB1We love breweries because we are of the mindset that no good story ever started with… “So I was drinking this glass of water…”

This little hidden gem of a brewery actually introduced itself to us through a Groupon and we’ve been hooked ever since. They were fairly new and, at the time, comprised of 3 super cool beer-lovin’, beard-wearin’ dudes who were relatively undiscovered.

Frothy Beard has become one of our most favorite breweries in all of Charleston (and, if you like beer, you know we have some really good ones here).

Their list of beer they brew is long and each one tastes exactly like what they call it. And not just “kind of”. Our most favorite is the Andale (jalapeno/cilantro), but every.other.single.beer we’ve tasted from them has also been scrumptious.

They are currently still in a pretty remote location off of Ashley Phosphate, but with the addition of a 4th partner, they are moving to a more central location in West Ashley. As they grow, they are beginning to be found more and more in local establishments across the lowcountry.

No matter where you live, if you like beer… trust us, they’re worth the trip. yum.