RP4We love nature. Everything about it.

One day we were on our way to Edisto Beach, and I caught a glimpse of a side road out of the corner of my eye. Feeling uber adventurous and not on any time schedule, I said to Stace, “Did you see that? Let’s go check it out!” So, we turned around to the most wonderful 2 1/2 hour experience.

The sign at the entrance said Roxbury Park.

As we slowly drove up to the parking space, we were greeted by one of the kindest men and his name was Ken. He introduced himself as the park caretaker.

Little did we know all that his title encompassed.

He proceeded to show us around on his souped up golf cart and gave us a better education than a full year in my 9th grade Earth Science class afforded (by a long shot) – weeds, sustainability, pollination, wildlife, plants, flowers, the art of planting, etc. This man is brilliant, and fascinating.

And his pictures are National Geographic worthy.

He has worked tirelessly to develop this incredible location – not for the money – but for the passion of all things nature and a sustainable earth. He’s creating a pollinator park where all different types of flowers are planted to attract and feed all kinds of pollinators. And… it is nothing short of beautiful. Acres of preserved beauty. 

After a visit to the Park, you will walk away full – having a whole new appreciation for our amazing earth, having seen a lot of wildlife, and appreciating even the magnificence of the    weeds.

And, when you go, make sure you say hey to Ken for us!!