Our Purpose

We love to travel and explore.

And, like many of you, we’ve done it a lot. We’ve been to luxurious resorts and we’ve been to places where we’ve had to bucket shower, wash clothes by hand, and straddle over an open hole to pee. Without a doubt, each new place we’ve gone has had its own charm.

But one thing that runs as a consistent thread no matter where we go is our burning desire to get off the beaten path and do it like the locals. Where do they eat? Where do they play? What local musicians do they follow? What breweries are their favorite? What takes their breath away in their own city?

We find ourselves steering away from those places that have hundreds of reviews and are drawn to the places where people write something like “little known local hangout”, “best kept secret”, and “off the beaten path”. And we can’t help but think we’re not alone in these sentiments.

We’re lucky enough to live in a place where our home is other people’s vacation destination. So much so that Charleston was named best place to visit four years in a row by Conde Nast. And we’ve spent the better part of our time here, googling for the underground realm of what really are the things to not be missed.

So, in the vein of the wonderful quote that “happiness is only real when shared”, we offer our findings to you. As we discover, you can discover. If you live here, these places and activities are only a short drive away, and if you find yourself a visitor, welcome! We hope our discoveries lead you to new ones of your own. We believe life is meant to be experienced. And even the most mundane of activities can be memorable with the right attitude of discovery.

Here’s to a renewed sense of wonder!