Locals know that one of the best places to check out a breathtaking Charleston sunset is Pickett Park at the Old Pitt Street Bridge in Mt Pleasant.

Tucked in the back corner of Mt Pleasant’s oldest neighborhood, the Old Village, the ride past all the unique houses is part of the experience.

One night recently, we decided to pack up a picnic basket of wine, cheese, chicken salad and crackers. With our picnic blanket in the bike basket, we hopped on our bikes and made our way over to this idyllic spot of palm trees, park benches, and marsh grass to enjoy a quiet evening.

In addition to the sunsets, the history of this spot makes it worth checking out. Built in 1899 as a Trolley Bridge, it was the only way for people to travel back and forth to Sullivan’s Island. In 1923, the trolley area was widened to allow cars to drive over as well. Within a few years, cars made the trolley unnecessary, so the trolley stopped operating in 1927. After the Ben Sawyer Bridge was built in 1945, the Pitt St. Bridge closed and was converted into a fishing pier. Over time a greenway was added to make this a little park like few others.

It’s honestly a little magical.

For the moments while there, you get to share the beauty with a small group of bicyclists, joggers, fishermen/women, pups, and walkers. Yoga classes are also often a part of the sunset seekers.

If you want a romantic evening, need time by yourself, or want to have a special evening with friends, this is a spot that is sure to not disappoint.