So… we love wine.

But because we like a glass of wine with dinner each night (it’s good for your heart, of course), it can get expensive. Even though we do our best to find the decent wines that are on sale (we had to make a rule that we would only buy those on sale for under $10), it still can add up.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t buy the “junk”. We like to think our palates enjoy finely crafted wine. We’ve had $300 bottles, and we’ve had $5 bottles.  There IS a difference.   

Given our commitment to finding decent table wine that won’t break the bank, imagine our delight when recently we were at a dinner party and dear friends introduced us to a Cabernet Sauvignon called Three Wishes. (This wine may be old news to some of you, but to us, it was like bright, blinding sunshine after a cloudy week.)


We tried it and loved it, and THEN they told us it’s only $3.49 a bottle.  WHAAAAA?!?  $3.49?!?  “Yep” they said. “Whole Foods. We just for $40.”

We liked it so much that we Googled it when we got home. We wanted to know the story. And here’s what we found…

“Three Wishes is a Charles Shaw wine produced as a private label offering at Whole Foods markets in the US. The wines are produced in Livermore and Ripon, California and are offered at around $3 exclusively at the stores. These are the Whole Foods answer to the popular Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck wines by the same company. The wines are offered as a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay and have earned many fans for their value-driven quality.” (

Two Buck Chuck strikes again.

Truth be told, we’re not Two Buck Chuck fans. People just know it as “cheap”.  But Three Wishes feels classy. Well, classier.

So, what do we locals do?  We go to Whole Foods and buy a $40 case of pure liquid goodness and cheers to the money saved so we can explore more.